Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you determine what device(s) a customer needs?
A. After an initial consultation, our solutions representative will arrange an on site comprehensive survey to determine current document useage, future needs and current costs of document production. Through our TCO (total cost of ownership) program, we will then offer a solution that outlines what products are recommended and why.

Q. How often is maintenance or service required on your products?
A. Each device we sell has a service schedule programmed in its' memory to alert the user when preventative maintenance is required. In addition to scheduled maintenance, our service department is available Monday - Friday. from to perform any emergency calls that may be required.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. M&H Duplicating Systems, Inc. was founded over 24 years ago.

Q. What type of training is required of your technicians?
A. Each of our technicians are requird to be certified by attending factory training from our selected manufacturers. In addition to this training, our technicians are required to be proficient on each model that we sell by completeing comprehensive training relative to each model and pass an exam with a minimum grade of 80.

Q. Can I print and scan from from your products?
A. Kyocera offers truly multi-functional devices in their product line that not only can print and scan, but can also perform walk-up and network faxing.

Q. Will you connect our new device to our network?
A. Depending on the size and type of network, our technicians will install your new device on your network. It is important to note that all networks are not the same and some may require a network administrator to complete this process.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. We provide many different options for aquiring your new MFP. With leasing programs and rental options, there is a program for most businesses.

Q. Do you provide training?
A. As part of our "Document Solutions" program, we provide all in user training at the time of installation and at no additional cost.

Q. How do I get my toner?
A. Toner is provided at no cost while the equipment is under a maintenance agreement and our staff will deliver to your office or ship, depending on your location. Oh, by the way... all you have to do is call us.

Q. Do you have used machines?
A. We do provide a wide spectrum of used and refurbished equipment. This inventory is constantly changing so it is important to check with our representatives for availability.

Q. Do you offer trade-in allowances?
A. Absolutely. The value of your trade-in will be determined and presented in your solutions proposal.

Q. How does your equipment compare to other manufacturers?
A. ROI - return on investment should be a major criteria in determing what product you should acquire and the Kyocera line of MFP's and Printers are consistently at the front of the pack when all is considered. Our TCO (total cost of ownership) will prove Kyocera's value and the product line will prove its' productivity.

Q. Do you service all makes and models?
A. While we do not service all manufacturer's products, we do offer service for most printers and a wide variety of competitve MFP's. We also can provide toner for most makes and models.

Q. Where are you located?
A. Our office is located in south metro Atlanta at 1523 Kell Lane in Griffin, Georgia.